What is Hackathon?

A hackathon is a comprehensive event where each team is given a platform to develop an idea to produce a solution for a real world problem statement.

How do I register?

Participants can register themselves for the hack through vithack.com

Is there a registration fee required for participation?

VITHack is free of cost as we aim to give every student an equal opportunity to develop on their ideas and enhance their skill sets.

How many members are required in a team?

An ideal team would consist of at most 6 members and at least 3 members to be qualified as a team.

Will participants get to interact with industrial experts during the hack?

Yes. Continuous mentoring would be provided by industrial experts to help you improvise on your project and pitch the idea better. After all, VITHack is not just a hackathon, rather a hub where innovative minds think alike.

Are all the three days of VITHack a continuous hackathon?

No. The first day is a boot camp where the participants get to interact and network with industrial experts and gain exposure after which the hackathon begins on the second day.

What are the accommodation facilities offered for external participants?

Travel and accommodation for external participants is taken care of *partially by VIT Hack.

Are there any restrictions regarding the submission for the hack?

If your project can be implemented by either a technical application or a hardware prototype, it is considered as a legitimate submission.

* The reimbursement will be taken care of subject to availability of enough funds.