Campus Ambassador

There’s more to college than a degree and grades, be a part of something big. VITHack isn’t just a college hackathon, it’s a phenomenon. Help us get the word out to your college and become a trendsetter!

What is Campus Ambassador?

An imaginative mind, a zest to communicate and tons of energy! That’s all it takes to be a Campus Ambassador at VITHack. As a Campus Ambassador you’ll have first-hand access to all the happenings at VITHack, you’ll get to set trends and be the talk of your college, you’ll get to organize campus-specific events catered to the liking of your college. Share ideas from your college community with ours, in exchange for exciting avenues.

Why Should You Apply?

To reiterate, there’s more to college than classes, attendance and grades. To be a part of something as big as VITHack is the feather you need in your cap. Be a part of this phenomenon that VITHack is, put this on your resume and let it do the talking. Get a chance to network with leading industry professionals, brainstorm with the brightest minds from across the world, and be in the running for exciting entrepreneurial opportunities.

How to Apply?

Its quick and simple but it opens you to a world of opportunities. All you need to do to join us in this amazing journey is fill the Campus Ambassador form here and click on submit!


Become a campus ambassador and find yourself in a whirlpool of endless opportunities to help expand your social horizon. And no, it does not end here. You can expect to receive perks such as:

1. Getting to be at the top of the networking ladder in your college.
2. Resume-enhancement as a result of direct involvement in leadership activities.
3. Developing public relations and leadership skills.
4. Working with and around a community of like-minded friends and colleagues from all over the world.
5. Lots of exclusive merchandise!


What does a campus ambassador do?

The primary role of a campus ambassador is to represent our event in your college. It would be your responsibility to spread the word and get more participation from your college for VITHack.

How can I promote VIT Hack in my college?

You can do so by keeping an active profile across all social media platforms and spreading the word among your friends to become a part of one of the largest hackathons in the country.

What is the application process after my submission?

Every application will be thoroughly reviewed and if selected, we will contact and let you know through email.

Whom should I contact if I have more doubts regarding this program?

You can reach out to us through email and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the eligibility criteria required to become a campus ambassador?

As long as you’re a student of that college, you’re eligible to become its campus ambassador.